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February 19, 2016

The death clock

I came to a sad realization the other day. Many people who don’t like their careers don’t truly start to live their lives until they’re given a death sentence. 

When life seems indefinite, people are more willing to tolerate a job they hate because they are using it to set themselves up for the future. They’re paying down a mortgage, saving for the kids’ education, repairing the house, etc. Focused on their immediate responsibilities, they devote as much time as possible to the job they hate because it’s a means to an end. They defer their pleasure into the future. Instead of spending time doing what they want to do, the present is spent preparing for some unspecified moment in time when pleasure becomes acceptable. 

Of course, this is all with the view that there isn’t a death clock ticking in the background. 

If you learned that you only had 8 years left to live, how different would your days look? Are you living in the moment? Or are you deferring your personal dreams to a time that may never arrive?

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