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March 9, 2016

You have less time left with the people you love than you think

Let’s say your mother was 30 when you were born.

From birth to age 20 you see your mother every single day. After age 20 you move a couple hours away and see your mother three times a year (5 days each) for a total of 15 days. This means that the time you spend with your mother throughout your life is heavily weighted to your early years.

Today you are age 30 and your mother is 60. Your mother will live to age 80.

Did you know…

- 96% of the time you will ever spend with your mother has already happened

- Thus, 4% of your relationship (in terms of time) with your mother remains

- You only have 60 visits with your mother until she dies

Cherish the time you have left with the people you love. Call your mom today. She probably misses you and fondly recalls the time when you were a part of her daily life.

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