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January 11, 2018

So You "Only Date Black Guys"?

A friend of mine - let's call her 'Jenny' - recently said she only dates black guys. That's cool with me - date whomever you like. But I would be remiss if I didn't mention that this is a highly restrictive policy.

This is a math problem. The numbers simply don't work.

In Toronto - that's where she lives - there are about 2.7 million humans. 8.5%, or 229,500, of those humans are black. 49.6% of Canadians are male, equating to roughly 113,832 black males in Toronto.

Jenny is in her early 30s and probably willing to date someone also in his 30's. 13.9% of the male population in Canada is aged 30-39, further shrinking the pool of date-able black males in Toronto to 31,900.

Of course, not every dude in their 30s is a) marriage material (maybe they spend their days playing World of Warcraft in their mom's basement), b) available (some are married or gay) or c) fundamentally compatible (perhaps due to differing opinions on putting pineapple on pizza).

Jenny is an attractive lady, so I'd say she'd consider 50% of the dating pool to be totally unfuckable. Judging by the guys in their 30's at my work, of those who remain in the pool 10-20% are actually available. Half of those remaining men are probably incompatible.

That leaves between 797.5 and 1,595.0 potential matches in Toronto for this individual woman. In other words, only between 0.03% and 0.06% of the Toronto population is a potential love connection. That's one or two people in every 3,333.

In a city of 2.7 million spread across 630 square kilometres what are the odds of weeding through the general population to meet one of these guys?

In conclusion: Jenny's pre-selection criteria is seriously limiting her ability to find the love of her life.

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