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May 2, 2018

America's Bourgeois Democracy

In aggregate, America's system has worked very well. However, when you dissect the averages you see very different stories, exposing the nature of America's bourgeois democracy.

Evidently, America isn't working for most. While people aren't starving in the streets, how can one claim a society in which a single illness can leave you destitute isn't broken? Wealth disparity is widening, and will only worsen as jobs are increasingly automated. Many families are one paycheque away from catastrophe.

I recognize that communism is also a failure. You see, human greed will always find a way. Still, I think it's important for participants in any economic system to recognize its deficiencies and fight against the tendency for wealth and power to consolidate.

Unfortunately, change may not come easy. Here's how one Redditor (u/dessalines_) describes it:
There seems to be a lot of people new to socialism in here that think we can "vote away inequality" and class struggle, so let me nip this in the bud.

This isn't, and has never been a functioning democracy (whatever country you may live in). We live in a capitalist dictatorship (i.e. bourgeois democracy). The capitalists and their political puppets literally write the laws, and stack your choices so that you have no choice but to vote against your interests.

Never be deceived that the rich will allow you to vote away their wealth.
There is no way to reform a system that isn't broken. Trying to fix Bourgeois democracy within the confines of Bourgeois democracy, is about as effective as trying to pull yourself by the bootstraps. Please read our crash course socialism for an introduction to this.

Our system isn't broken; it's working exactly as intended.

Finally comrades, we are fighting for our lives right now. The labor shortage is over; Capitalists want nothing more than for us to die off. We're utterly disposable, and even if the fight were hopeless (which it's not) it's absolutely necessary for us to do something to alleviate all the suffering caused by capitalist exploitation around the globe.

There is a path forward, one in which a tiny ruling class don't exploit humanity, one where solidarity is prized over individualism, one where workers join together and make democratic decisions together, and one where we don't wreck the environment.

Please agitate, educate, organize, arm up, and join socialist organizations in your city. If none exist, start one. We have no time to waste; if we don't, the nightmare stories from this subreddit (or those of the victims of US imperialism) will happen to you or your loved ones sooner or later.

EDIT: And for those of you saying, "well it seems to be working out fine for me...", keep in mind that this is the definition of survivorship bias. 62% of US citizens have less than $1000 in savings, and 1/7 citizens rely on food banks to survive. "Fuck you, I got mine", is not an appropriate response to other working class people suffering from poverty imposed from above.


  1. "How can one claim a society in which a single illness can leave you destitute isn't broken?" The truth is, that no matter how much wealth a person has, a single illness can still leave them destitute and dead!

    1. With wealth you probably have pretty good insurance coverage. But its true that, rich or poor, the ultimate price of illness can be the same.


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