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January 14, 2019

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“Regarding this NYT story from this weekend, imagine you are a FBI Agent working Russian counterintelligence in 2016 and you witness the following:”

This is just the PUBLIC evidence. I’m sure there’s tons of evidence that we aren’t seeing (as with all investigations). This is so real that politicians and media are basically concluding he’s a Russian asset.

Two thoughts:

  1. This is an insane, unprecedented time. Just as nobody thought the world would get to this point, nobody knows how it will unravel.

  1. The investment community is barely talking about this potential black swan we all see coming. How can a domestic political war be anything but bad for the markets? And I think ‘domestic political war’ is the base case scenario. Things could get way uglier over the next couple years. And things could get relatively bad over the long-run too if American world leadership continues to erode.

I think people are afraid to talk about this because they don’t want to sound like conspiracy theorists. But this is quite real.

America was clearly outsmarted by Russia and Russia will continue its efforts to undermine western countries. I believe Russia and China are vying to become the new two-state global superpower, with a cooperative, interdependent relationship with each other. They’re playing the long-game and the rest of the world is just getting played.

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